Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walking in the Rain on a Lonely Night

It's quite late in the night
a steady rain is falling
and i'm walking, walking ,walking
walking in the rain on a lonely night
lost in thought or is it lost to thought
i do not know but i'm walking
i can feel the rain as i walk
the raindrops fail to hurt me
we've been like that.. since old times..
we know eachother so welll,
this night rain and me.

What am I doing here
on this lonely night
when the rain falling hard
i'm just walking and walking
walking in the rain.
i'm not dreaming, not anymore
i can feel the raindrops
so it must be true.
and all that brought me out
in the night, late in the night
to these familiar hands of an old friend
must also be true.
But i don't want to think
of any of that now.. later,
later, i'll have time for all that.
Now i'm walking in the rain
i can feel the raindrops
washing away all the sorrow
atleast for the time being.

Then the rain stops, suddenly
without a word, without a farewell.
and i'm all alone
out in the open
on a lonely night after rain.
no comforting raindrops around me
and i feel lost
i feel lost without the rain.

Then i know the sweet feeling of
walking in the rain on a lonely night
cannot stay forever
but the sweetness, the comfort
and the cool warmth of rain
lingers for long,
a chill, a sweet pain, a warmth
that comes back to me often
and reminds me of
walking in the rain on a lonely night.

This is one pleasure i live for,
one memory i always cherish,
the boundless joy of
walking in the rain on a lonely night.


  1. Saghee njaanum ith pole.. rathri mazha poleey..

    yes i know they are not mine
    Neither this night nor the rain
    but this coolness the drops left on me
    will stay with me forever and ever

    when the memories flow like a river
    the banks will always fill with flowers

  2. Beautiful! Really felt the magic of rain as I read your poem. Nothing quite like a "ratrimazha".