Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The queen sat on the high throne
The court was ready for the day's proceedings
There was a vacant look in the victim's eyes
As she stood there, pleading for justice.

The queen used her most benevolent voice
Rape, we think is a serious crime
We encourage women who come and report this.
Here, 500 gold coins for your courage.

And then, they promised her gold coins
For all the lewd questions she has to answer
For each horrid detail that she will describe
A coin for each scar on her body.
And a few more if you are a minor.

The jingle-jangle of gold coins,
To wash away the pain, the hurt,
To sooth the battered soul.
And thus they go on,
Fixing an amount to each of your sufferings.

In this land of indifferent rulers,
and ultra rich gods,
Gleaming gold coins account for everything,
Dignity, self-respect and even lives,
of very much dispensable human beings-
The common man, aam aadmi, the mango people.