Friday, June 25, 2010

On Turning 25

Turning 25 is a kind of turning point in your life (They say that at the time of your class X board exam also, but believe me, that doesn’t turn anything). At 25 you are supposed to be grown up, mature, free and all that. Well the way I walked into the turning point is a bit amusing so I thought I’d share it with you.
Two weeks back:
On a daily basis, I get up early in the morning and frantically search for that huge wrinkle which was supposed to turn up when you are 25. At least Nilufer said she got a big wrinkle on her face when she turned 25.
One week back:
The much dreaded wrinkle has not yet appeared. Was planning to do some shopping in honor of the birthday but my mommy dearest gifted me dress etc which saved a trip to the mall. She has a way of pampering me and thankfully turning 25 has not brought about any change to it.
One day back:
I get this wonderful book “Electric Feather” as a birthday gift. Wow, people started considering me grown up enough to gift me something like that. Great! (At least a week later I finish reading that book and find out that the difference between erotic fiction and porn is 350 bucks! But that comes much later and now I’m all so happy and proud of the gift)
Later in the day. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a friend. I loved that seat near an aquarium.
The day:
Mails, wishes, gifts as usual.
Someone called up and said something about being grown up and I was extremely happy and pleased with myself. (In less than a week’s time, I managed to fell of a silly chair that too in plain view of half the office staff. I did look quiet childish when I tried to rock that silly chair I guess. Well that again comes much later, right now I have this grown up air all about me.)
A friend of mine gifted me a book on how to improve the leadership skills. I try hard not to take that as a hint on how well I’m managing my team. At least none of my team members gave me a book on how to manage a team.
The evening went on with the usual cake cutting, smearing the cake all over the face and other stuff like that. More of usual gifts, chocolates etc.

One week into the new year, I just can’t feel the difference. I still manage to do all the silly and stupid things I used to do before. That wrinkle hasn’t turned up yet (sigh of relief). People don’t consider me more matured or anything. More important than anything else, Life still sucks, Big time!!