Thursday, April 9, 2009

Confessions of a born loafer

I don't belive in any ideology.

I'm neither religious nor political.

I'm not a feminist or a communist.

I'm neither for nor against socialism,

or any other -ism.

I don't subscribe to any particular

eh(whatz it)..... yeah point of view.

I know this world sucks,

but I'm not the one to do

anything about it.

Well, i'm not eagerly and earnestly,

waiting for the Second Coming.

I don't mind if nobody ever comes.

I'm not working for the revolution.

Nor for the Ramarajya.

I don't believe in doing anything,

either for u or for me.

somebody thinks therefore they are;

I don't think therefore I am.

(What difference does it make anyway)

If the great revolution or reform movement

or even an apocalypse

Is gonna come for sure,

What better thing can you do

than lie around and wait for it.

And I'm enjoying everybit of it!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. :-D
    Veruthe oru communityku Anthem aakkan kollaam

    Have no fear dear
    you just sit idle for ever