Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Today I lost my love
Today I lost my heart
Today I lost my world"
I got up today morning and found this message from a friend who lost is first love and is terribly upset. Then I came to office and found this status message in another friend's gtalk.
"Girls and boys these days fall in love due to misunderstanding and when they understand, they start hating each other."
Well somebody is heartbroken someone else is philosophizing. In almost everything that we do, we cross and recross paths of love in some way or the other.

And then comes the call from the past. Accusations, complaints, obscene language, expressions of hate that hasn't died out even after two long years. I wonder how human beings are capable of hurting each other so much. Like that single cancer cell that remained out of the surgical blade's reach, its grown back into full strength with all the malignancy possible. That is how hate is - it possesses immense powers, power to grow back, power to strangle, power to kill. And the strangest thing is a germ of hate lies dormant inside every seed of love. As long as the love is there, or rather as long as you think there is love, this germ remains dormant. But once seed of love disintegrates, hate takes over, it grows, it smothers the heart. I strongly believe that the deepest hate we can have is for people we love that most at some point of time. Keeping all these theories of love and hate apart, I believe human beings have immense capabilities of hating and hurting each other.

This can be seen as a confession for messing up a very much avoidable situation. This could also be a general statement of my perceptions of love and hate. But for some reason both love, hate and messed up situations are becoming a part of my life. And in any case I don't regret any of these. For me, these are the things that make life livable.


  1. I do not feel that this is a confession for messing up an avoidable situation, rather itz a truth; love N hate is like the two sides of the same coin that is my perception.
    In conclusion I would say that I am in agreement to your statement 'these are the things that make life livable.

  2. BTW why we have to be in love with this 'word verification thingy' that staring at the commentator?

  3. ithrem ivide postiyappo nenjile kallu erangiyoo? :-P

    Actually I don't believe it is love that convert to hate. It is more probably the underlying expectations that convert to hate.
    We need to look deep within ourselves to figure that out. Mind is still a big mystery box.

    However I agree emotions does make life more livable.

  4. And this is how it works.. Hope you are not confined only to the Love and Hate coin !

    Nature itself is designed like this.. Night for a day,Man for Woman (viceversa too ;-) ), Sorrow for Bliss ..... so on and so forth..

    Without hate , we can never understand the true feeling of love.. So , let it be there..