Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Hate Poems

Every time I hear "I love u",
the hollowness stabs me.
A sharp, peircing pain, that-
seep to the marrow of my being.
I yearn to spit on these,
turn my face and walk away.
But this body is a beggar,
or rather a parah dog that licks,
the thrown way morsels.
And then-
Bask in the glory that never was!


My heart, as hard as a rock,
Is tossed in the jungle of love.
Yearning, not for the footstep
of a wandering prince
The fun of being trampled on,
I've had enough for a moksha and more.
All I yearn for is freedom-
from the treachery of this body.
I know my freedom will be won-
The day I start hating you.



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  2. Shades of Kamala Das in this one

  3. ente kannu onnu angott thettiyapozhek ivide bhayankara poem oke ezhuthi kalanjalle.. !! :-P